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My 2018 World Tour

A Mega-Trip To Remember


#1 My First Day In New York City Ever: Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Statue Of Liberty & Staten Island!

#2 Experiencing The NYC Culture: The MET & Central Park!

#3 Discovering Brooklyn: Boat Rides, Ice Creams & Beautiful Sights!

#4 A Chill Day In Manhattan: Winning The World Cup & Enjoying Street Markets!

#5 Conclusion On NYC: Last Day In New York & Reflecting On The Big Apple

san francisco

#6 Arriving In San Francisco: Boat Rides, Aquarium, Shooting In Chinatown & Delicious Food!

#7 Our Second Day In San Francisco: Enjoying The Rides!


#8 The First And Last Article I Will Ever Write On Sin City!





Singapore Plan



Pornic, The Most Beautiful French Seaside Town

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#1 Thoughts On Expatriation: How My Life Will Change

#2 Thoughts On Expatriation: Asia Here I Come!

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