The Big Move! | Le grand déménagement ! | Expatriation #1


The big day has arrived: I’ve uploaded my very first vlog on my brand new YouTube channel! As promised I’ve created a YouTube channel for vlogs, videos about Singapore, expatriation tips, and even more to come! My channel name is Lilly Out And About! Don’t forget to go and subscribe to it to support me 🙂

I’m really getting into this vlogging thing actually, so I may upload daily vlogs, we’ll see! I’m guessing everything in my new life in Singapore will be interesting to see, but of course let me know whether you’d like to see specific content!

I really hope you like it, I’ve put my heart into this! ❤


Le grand jour est arrivé : j’ai posté mon tout premier vlog sur ma toute nouvelle chaîne YouTube ! Comme je l’avais promis, j’ai créé une chaîne YouTube pour mes vlogs, vidéos sur Singapour, astuces sur l’expatriation, et bien plus à venir ! Le nom de ma chaîne YouTube c’est Lilly Out And About ! N’oubliez pas d’aller vous abonner pour me soutenir 🙂

En fait j’aime vraiment bien vlogguer, donc je vais peut-être faire des vlogs quotidiens, on verra ! J’imagine que tout ce que je vais vivre ici sera intéressant à voir, mais bien sûr n’hésitez pas à me dire si vous souhaitez voir du contenu en particulier!

J’espère que vous aimerez, j’y ai mis tout mon coeur ! ❤

Bear With Me: I’m Only Switching Continents! | Sat’Update #1

Day: November 17 (morning).

Location: at a friend’s house, in Suresnes (Parisian suburbs).

Last event(s): leaving my apartment in France.

Next event(s): expatriation in Asia coming in approximately 30 hours.

Current state of mind: not ready for what’s coming tomorrow.

Current state of body: completed knackered.

I just wanted to update you guys on my life because everything went so fast I didn’t have a chance to post anything on my cherished blog for about 2 weeks!

Those last two weeks easily were the busiest two weeks of my entire life: I’ve moved out of my apartment in Versailles (France), said goodbye to Versailles Palace, and that took my friends and family (and I) three days in total (saturday morning until monday evening). For three days, I had to stay alert without discontinuing, which was extremely exhausting.

But I’ve done it, and now I’ve moved out and most of my stuff is in transit, between here and there… Lost in Translation? haha just kiddin’, I’m way too tired to make witty remarks xD

I’ve even vlogged everything so that you’ll be able to see! We’ll talk about my YouTube channel and its future in another blogpost, but I’m just saying: you’ll have a Moving Vlog coming your way soon 🙂

Soooo yes, my main photo for this blogpost is quite blurry on purpose: this is only meant as a teaser for my upcoming vlog!! Tell me whether you’re excited about it, I sure am myself!!!

Anyway, I am leaving France tomorrow evening, and I’ll be arriving in Asia on Monday afternoon.


See you on my next round of adventures!


aka The French Hat